Thursday, September 23, 2010

great smelling herb

-Gbex says:--Rosemary is a great smelling herb. It can be used in soups or a great addition to chicken or on a salmon fillet. It is easy to cultivate and prepare. Yet, Rosemary also has a tremendous amount of attributes that can help heal a variety of ailments.

Rosemary is very helpful in relieving migraines and calming nerves. It is all very helpful in reversing cardiac disorders. It is a also a great way to relax the body.Applied to the skin, rosemary essential oil helps strengthen the capillaries and has a rejuvenating effect. For this reason, rosemary is a common ingredient used in many cosmetics, including skin toners, creams, soaps and hair products.

However, beyond being a flavouring-enhancer for certain foods and its use in cosmetics, you may not be aware that rosemary extract has a long history of medicinal uses too. It has been used to treat a wide range of ailments, including stomach upsets, digestive disorders and headaches.

Recent research is now revealing even more benefits attached to this remarkable herb, including its ability to help prevent cancer and age-related skin damage, boost the functioning of the liver and act as a mild diuretic to help reduce swelling.

Two of the most important ingredients in rosemary, which are thought to be largely responsible for many of these therapeutic actions, are caffeic acid and rosemarinic acid - both are potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents

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