Tuesday, August 10, 2010

senior living, retirement in haven for heaven's sake!

Lawrence says: Now it can be told!

 I am curently connected with this facility as receptionist and customer service representative!

Life at this facility for us, receptionists, caregivers, nurses, doctors, and affiliated health care providers and medical aid providers, is an absolute tool and instrument of God's loving mercy and kindness to all these elderly who have lived such wondrous deeds in their lives.....

Most of them are in eighties nearing to nineties with dementia, and from their wrinkled hands and faces,  you will absolutely see the toils and labors that they had accomplished in all those years of their lives.
Life at this facility is an exceptional one! men and women who have assisted living needs and memory care needs are gathered and housed together in this facility for a dynamic senior living and a progressive life for self- fulfillment.

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