Friday, August 27, 2010

reputable pool builders

Lawrence says: My foster brother John just sent me an email telling me that he now lives in an Austin house where there is an Austin Swimming Pool facility for swimmers and the like. I was so envious of him that I told him I want to go and visit him in Texas and be able to join him in his swimming spree. I am very excited, too when he told me that he gives swimming lessons to some few teenagers nearby and if I come over for a week-long break, he will let me be his assistant swimming instructor because he knew that I used to teach lessons in swimming to my middle school students when I was still teaching.

Well, it sounds so cool to be able to go back to teaching again with the invitation of my foster brother to join him in his fist batch of students who will start classes on the second week of September. Well, that will be two weeks away from now so I should be getting ready with my swimming trunks and other paraphernalia for this teaching stint with these teenagers in Austin.
Austin here I come!

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