Friday, August 27, 2010

Disgusting stretch mark

Ellen Says: Anyone has a stretch mark then they know just how unsightly they can be.While having babies is certainly not the only way you can get them, it is probably the main way.

Many promises are made by companies that say that they can totally remove them, but the truth is, that you can only make them fade. While some people claim that their stretch marks are gone, this may be due to a particular gene type, and skin-type. Here are a couple of ways that you can deal with them through a home remedy for stretch marks.

Most of the literature and products out there can only promise to help them fade. Stretch marks are hereditary, and there is often only so much you can do about it. While total removal is next to impossible, there are a couple of things that work very well. The first home remedy for stretch marks is that of vitamin E. Vitamin E is known for its properties to be able to renew and invigorate your skin. Take the liquid in a vitamin E gel cap and rub it on the stretch marks - preferably after a shower. Do it every day, in both the morning and the evening.

An alternative to vitamin E is cocoa butter. Many women use this and it also has greatly helped some. When it comes to a home remedy for stretch marks, it is hard to find a more cost effective alternative. Again, use it every day, after you take your shower.

Furthermore, while it is important to help to remove any stretch marks after you have them, you also do not want to forget the preventive side. Use these ingredients twice a day while you are pregnant, and starting to show, and it will help provide the right ingredients for a skin that may not even get any stretch marks. That would be the best home remedy for stretch marks.

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