Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Achieving learning outcome

Ellen Says:-It is well known among educators that, the educational experiences involving the learner actively participating in concrete examples are retained longer than abstract experiences.

Instructional materials add elements of reality by providing concrete examples to learning. We can even make use of fun and funny pictures in order to incorporate our lesson proper. Unfortunately there is no magic formula that will enable you to predict what will be the best way to in kindle the learner our lessons. Hence we can still assure that using different materials can awaken the minds of our learner.Though the textbook is widely used instructional material, it is found that different types of instructional materials are now being used to achieve learning outcomes or to improve quality education and for the benefit of both the teachers and the students.

Instructional material reflects some distinguished characteristics like assessing the prior learning, clarification of concepts, easy and life oriented examples, using pictures to clarify the difficult concepts in the text, exercises for specific content.

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