Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a game

Ellen Says:---Rallione hate rainy days. This is because he unable to go outdoors and play. But there is no reason to wallow and be idle indoors. Nowadays, there are many indoor games that could be facilitated inside the house to keep him at home. Fortunately such indoor games could turn idle days into fun and recreational ones. As parents, we too could join the fun, thrill, and excitement.

We can join the fun and participate in various indoor games. The mere reason for doing so is to have an opportunity to bond with our children. Family time is quality time. These times must be filled with laughter, memories, and excitements. Our children would surely love it if they would be given the opportunity to play games while inside the house and to bond with us. Games were played primarily for the mere enjoyment they offer,

My hubby and I use this as an opportunity to get to know them better. We could make use of games to have their attention and win their affection. We believe that children who could play with their parents are usually those who grow up with find memories of their childhood.

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