Thursday, October 7, 2010

so then, Christmas will just be around the corner

Alberto says: So, by all these thoughts and testimonies about how important heating is during this season of the year in this part of the world, I must say then that the season has unfolded the season of the seasons: Christmas!

Well, talking about  Christmas makes me feel so mixed-up! While on one hand I want to experience Christmas for the first time after eight successive Christmastimes  inside the Cloister, I want to also go back home on Christmas to spend my  Christmas with my family and loved ones!..

Christmas to me has become a less festive and less noisy ones after having been Cloistered inside for eight  years. I would want to experience Christmas then outside- have it spent with my loved ones- with people of the world and with the whole Christendom celebrating merrily and festively the great celebration of the birth of Christ! Let this be my number-one list in my wish list this coming Christmas: to be able to come home and spend it with my loved ones!

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