Friday, October 1, 2010

Playing golf

Ellen Says:Uncle Ben is taking golf courses located near Daytona Beach.That would probably a good reason for his family to join him in his venture nowadays.Well, I think this is the best time to bond with his family since Uncle was known to be a workaholic. He works in firm wherein he used to work for about three years.

When they were here in the Philippines, he loves to engage in different sports but not with golf. So I wonder that he is now interested to golf. Until finally learn that golfing in Daytona is really an extravagant experience since they were always looking for a nice place to bond with.

Golf is a relatively low-risk activity. There is no strenuous physical activity involved, and the pace of the game is not too stressful.Playing golf also give Uncle Ben an excuse to go out and mingle with others. This allows him to feel young and sociable, improving his overall sense of well-being.

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