Friday, October 29, 2010

Oatmeal as exfoliator

Alberto says:With the rising amount of pollution, it has become imminent that we exfoliate our skin regularly and make exfoliation a part of facial skin care.

The skin naturally does shed the top layer regularly, but the buildup that the process of shedding leaves behind, often remains in the pores. When there is a buildup in the pores, the moisturizer that you use on the skin does not get properly absorbed into the skin.

If the skin is not exfoliated regularly, the skin can become dry and look flaky as well. To expose the smooth, radiant skin below the surface and reveal a more youthful complexion, all you will need is a good exfoliator.

The other benefit of exfoliating is, that it improves the texture of the skin, helps to reduce lines and wrinkles, removes the residue that is clogging the pores and helps to prevent the breakout of acne.

Oatmeal makes a wonderful homemade body exfoliator as well as face exfoliator, especially for delicate skin.

To make this exfoliator, you will have to combine oatmeal and water into a paste, not very thick or thin. Apply the oatmeal paste and rub the skin gently. Let the exfoliator remain for a couple of minutes, rub the skin again and wash with lukewarm or cold water.

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