Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glass Display

Ellen Says:-----"Presenting an attractive and well put together retail display cases for the general public to view is a must and something that cannot be overlooked by any new entrepreneur. Catching the eye of that customer, and awakening them to want to find out more about something is the beginning, and this positive feeling created will help to pave the way for a smoother follow-up to come.You will find that a nice store fixtures attracts more people and does some of the work of getting their initial interest for you."according to Jaimee a friend entrepreneur

Recently I was told that display is frivolous extra expenses for the small business owner who is just starting up. Thankfully I was advised by Jaimee about the importance of the marketing plan, and to have a reasonable budget allocated for store fixtures.Yeah right! Store fixtures is more than simply the arrangement of products on the shelf. It is an integral component of the business image.I really need to create an environment that attracts the customer, comfortable to shop, and encourages the customer to return.

Learning how to arrange and coordinate the display that one hopes will arouse interest, can be and is an art in itself. Certainly, the more often a person does it, the easier it will become to do and the better the results will be.

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