Thursday, September 2, 2010

Simplicity and joy of gift giving

Gbex says: Gifts with personal touch is always been appreciated. However it is also good to give gifts that interest the recipient.Trying to find out the recipient's interest is a must so that your gift can be treasure.

It is time to bring back the true meaning of gift-giving- a symbol of affection, appreciation,thoughtfulness, or just to let someone know they are special. Gifts should be a symbol of these thoughts. It should not carry with it a hefty price tag.The giver should not have to go into debt to " oblige".It takes away the simplicity and joy of giving a gift.

How could you make this task simpler? It helps to know the person, have a feel for what turns them on, how they spend their leisure time, their hobby, have you been in their home? If you are closer to them, is there anything they need?

For my Uncle Tony who posses a benelli m4 shotgun I though of giving him accesories that he can use to his rifle. Luckily, I just found out a site that I can easily purchase rifle accessories for my dear Uncle. For sure, he will appreciate my gift. Gift giving was a gesture of love and thoughtfulness.

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