Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Must know about swelling

Gbex says:All sorts of minor injuries such as bumps, bruises, strains, and sprains can all cause swelling.Some surgical procedures can also cause swelling. While at home you may want to choose a home remedy for swelling to relieve discomfort.

Taking an ibuprofen tablet is a good home remedy for swelling, as well as for pain relief, and as a fever reducer. It is important that you try this home remedy for swelling on a full stomach to prevent stomach upset.

Try this home remedy for swelling when you have a sprain or strain to ankles, knees, lower back, and muscles. First apply cold compresses for 30 minutes to reduce swelling, and then apply heat with a heating pad to reduce pain. Continue alternating cold with heat until no further swelling is observed, and then switch completely to a heating pad or heat compress as needed for pain.

Propping a sprained ankle, or knee on some fluffy pillows and keeping weight off of these as much as possible is a home remedy for swelling that is all about making you as comfortable as possible while helping your body to heal itself.

Drinking plenty of liquids is a very important component to a home remedy for swelling, and as an agent of healing for the body. Water and other fluids keeps the body hydrated and helps to move blood and oxygen throughout the body which facilitates the body in performing its natural healing processes much faster and easier.

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