Thursday, September 16, 2010


Alberto says:---I'm trying to organize a tour later this year with Haymarket Trans , with this company around I know that nothing is impossible.

Travelling is a fascinating way to discover and know the world, surely, much more than studying geography, history and local culture on books full of pictures. Of course, I must pay a price for this experience with costs to afford.

I have been very fortunate to get to do a lot of traveling in my life and I think that traveling is one of the most educational experiences one can have. One of the most rewarding and enriching experiences a person can have is to see how life is lived in cities and countries outside their own background. Not only does it help man become more tolerant towards his fellow man, but it helps connect him with human kind's past, and quite possibly builds a bridge toward the future.

A travel can be a pleasant and interesting experience, for the fun and relax I can enjoy because a stressing and tiring holiday is a nonsense for me, if I must stress myself, it's much better to stay at home, at least, it less tiring and expensive.

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