Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Canker sores

Gbex says: Finding a home remedy for canker sores is rather easy and most of them can be done with common household items you probably already have. The most common home remedy for canker sores is gargling warm salt water several times a day. This may help speed healing of the ulcers.

Another common home remedy for canker sores is to gargle with a mouthwash several times a day. Make sure that the mouthwash does not contain alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfate, though as these ingredients often aggravate the sores.

A less common home remedy for canker sores is swishing milk of magnesia around your mouth, or eating yogurt each day the canker sore is present, or spreading substances like glycerin and vitamin E on the ulcers.

Something you can do that may not be considered a home remedy for canker sores, but can help in ultimate healing, is avoiding citrus juice, chocolates, and alcohol, as these can aggravate the canker sores. Any broken or rough edged teeth or fillings should be treated by your dentist as soon as possible. Stay away from hard toothbrushes with irregular edges and brush gently so long as you have the canker sores. Finally, take a multi-vitamin everyday to help keep your body from getting deficient in any nutrients it might need to fight the canker sores.

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