Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bites remedy

Lawrence says: If you have never been bitten by any animals / insects in your life, you are either an alien or have special anti-insect substance in your body.

In life, being bitten by insects is a normal thing. From those annoying mosquitoes to angry red ants, we have all experienced bites. If you would like to know how to ease and treat the most common bites, this guide is for you. However, you must also put in mind that no two person are alike. While you might only get itchy red lump when bitten by a bee, others could have difficulty breathing following the same bite. Why? Because some people are violently allergic to insect bites.

Of course, the most sensible way to treat a bite is to prevent it at the first place. If you go outdoor, equip yourself with insect repellents to avoid bites. At the same time keep away from wild animals and do not pester animals that can potentially bite you. Snakes, bees, spiders or even monkeys and squirrel may attack if they find you to be threatening.

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