Friday, June 13, 2014

making sense with life

Alberto says: Entertaining residents in a senior assisted living community is one of my primary duties as director of activities.  Making them feel good for the day and making them smile and laugh is my utmost concern. Making them active in their daily life and making them feel a purposeful and meaningful life is the reason for my being in charge of activities.

Senior care  has been one of the ways of making sense with my life now that I have left the monastery and has been dispensed from my monastic vows.

The best part of being myself now as Alberto and not as Lawrence the monk anymore, is that I am fully alive in my interactions with people of the world. The best  part of being the director of activities in the retirement  home where I am connected with  now, is to live an integrated life as witness to the  routine of everyday life in the world outside the Cloister.

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