Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pansit pansitan

Alberto says: I heard that people experience pain in their hands. Why not eat pansit pansitan,it is also locally known as Ulasimang-Bato.You start adding this plant as part of your veggies. it grows readily almost anywhere. The leaves and stalk of pansit-pansitan are edible. It can be harvested, washed and eaten as fresh salad.

Taken as a salad, pansit-pansitan helps relive your rheumatic pain. Aside from that, I know that you're also a migraine sufferer, heat a couple of leaves in hot water, bruise the surface and apply on your forehead. In addition, the decoction of leaves and stalks is also good for abdominal pains and kidney problems. But keep in mind that like any herbal medicine it is not advisable to take any other medication in combination with any herbs.

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