Thursday, February 10, 2011

a holiday...

Ellen Says: Alberto was indeed so  cool these days that he could make time for his well-sought  break-away from his work at the blogosphere.

Well, I was so delighted to see his pictures of his two-day respite from his job.
Well, I  should tell you that his trip to San Diego made enabled him to widen his horizon and experience as well.

Photos below are his enjoyable, sleepy time with himself while inside an Amtrak train from Van Nuys to Old town San Diego and his coming back to LA the next day.

Gbex says:-Well, I agree with you Ellen as our good friend has had lots of tough moments with his new part-time job in a facility aside from his regular work as our partner here in reaching-out AND I should also say that he really needed a break...

I got some of his photos in the convention that he attended pertaining to his work at the facility and also this gave him a chance to also  attend a wedding of his contemporary way-back in college.
So this is Alberto, and his smiling face at a wedding reception.

Alberto says: Thank you my friends and blog-partners for such kind words....I really needed a little break  then so that I  also was able to see and visit a family friend way-back in college who has migrated to the USA in year 1990's and i was so delighted to see how their faces  glowed with  gladness upon seeing me after such long years....

Photos below show me and the couple with their  children.

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