Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i am skinny.,..

Alberto says: I used to be a fat guy with a 5'5" height and a weight of 168 pounds. That was not very good as I was always plagued by discomforts like a short of breath and whatnot.

One day I reached the edge when one morning, while I was taking the steps to the second floor of the building where I was working, I suddenly felt a tight feeling on my chest and I felt a sudden surge of dizzines and shortness of breath. The panicky feeling added to my agitation.

I did not know what happened to me next but the next thing I knew it, I was seated on one of the steps of the stairway and was experiencing terrible pain in my tummy.

I managed to get my self composed as I did not want anyone to know I was having physical discomfort: I was weighing 168pounds by then.

Finally, I got myself recovered from the sudden discomfort and went on with the day's course but the experience left and imprinted a mark in my mind and made me to decide one decision: "to seriously look into getting myself enrolled in a gym!" This incident happened in September of last year (2010) and today, I am enrolled at the gym nearby my location and my vital statistics will tell anyone that I have totally slimmed down!

I weigh 142 pound, with 29" waistline. Will I ask for more?
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