Tuesday, January 18, 2011

cool canal boat holidays

Ellen Says: My friend Susan who was married to an Englishman is such an adventurous woman as she loves to tag along with  his hubby in canal boat holidays which she loves to do with her hubby during their weekend holidays.

I remember that when Susan was still in the Philippines, she would come with me for a boat ride in a river nearby our school campus in the provinces. I would always get delighted whenever Susan would invite me for a boat ride at a river nearby our school campus in the province.

 I get so nervous but excited at the same time whenever the boat would shoot the rapids of the current. Well, now, I stopped going for a boat ride while Susan would continue to go on a boat ride with her husband and sometimes with their eldest son.

For more information and accurate details on the rudiments of a canal boat ride, please go online and visit this online site now! Enjoy the boatride!

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