Friday, December 17, 2010

we are family...

Ellen Says:-----Alberto has indeed found a buddy and  surrogate family in the person of Daniel whom he calls as Dani. Dani is 53 years old. Well, I guess he must be a little older or younger? than Lawrence but anyway, what is age  anyhow, it is only a matter of the mind and not the heart for I know that  Lawrence - a former school teacher for 20 years and turned a Contemplative Catholic monk for  9 years and back to being an ordinary human for like almost 12 months now- is absolutely young at heart and an unassuming type of friend that he is....

Gbex says:----Alberto is an achiever, I still remember what he told me one time when we were having a gig at a music bar in one of the streets of Thailand that he was once a Ginoong Filipinas contender in year 1991. That was so remarkable as not just any guy can join such a prestigious national male personality pageant!  Well, the rest was a history to be told.

Alberto says:Hmmmm, okay I yield to what you said Ellen and Gbex, but what you do not know is that I was also a movie star of high caliber yaikkkkkks! in the movie documentary-reality movie entitled "The Monastery" filmed by the BBC in the year 2006 while I was still part of the contemplative Cloister in New Mexico. Likewise, I was also one of the recording artists who recorded a music CD entitled "Sanctae Laetitia", a Latin Gregorian Chant which was published a year later and earned a silver platinum in Religious music genre!

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