Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Domain Check

Ellen Says:---Domain name is our own unique identity. Of course no two parties can ever hold the same domain name simultaneously, therefore our Internet identity is totally different from the others.

When I launched my blogs I didn’t know much about importance of domain.But sometimes I could clearly identify problems in the space, and I was passionate about fixing some of those problems, but I lacked a real appreciation for the industry itself. This led to numerous challenges, and without a doubt had a negative impact.

Many search engines give a lot of emphasis to the home page of a particular domain, i.e. other things remaining the same, a home page of a domain will often rank higher for a particular keyword than any other page. When you use some of the free hosting services, your index.html page is the home page of your site, but not of that domain. Hence in these search engines, your site will find it very difficult to make it to the top 20 or top 30, let alone the top 10 for some of the really competitive keywords. Just think of the amount of traffic that you will lose if this happens.

Having our own domain name is the first step in doing that. our customers will feel more comfortable buying whatever it is that you are selling if you have our own domain name. It makes your customers feel that they are dealing with a large, established company, rather than with some fly by night operator.

If you do not currently have a domain name, are you convinced that you need one right now? The small fee that we pay per year for our own domain name is peanuts compared to the benefits that we get. The availability of domain names and register new domains can find out through domain check.

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