Friday, November 26, 2010

lean body

Gbex says:-The great returns of faith in working out has been given to my best buddy lawrence as his body definition has been defined to a well-built near-to-zero calorie body with a total body weight of 140.6 pounds and a waistline of 28 inches when in a full stomach.
Well, buddies, i so admire my friend lawrence for his steadfast and non-stop gym at nights. When most of his age would settle inside their homes doing things lazily,  Lawrence is in the 24 hour fitness gym and doing his cardiovascular via a treadmill or a stationary bike   burning 500 calories and going 5-mile distance for 59 minutes.  He also  does tightening of his abs and appropriate muscles in his body that I could not believe he still can lift weights and do nautilus machines for his legs, barbeling for his chest and  thighs and many more exercises. As of this writing, lawrence  has become the skinny-ripped guy who is totally opposite of the buddy that I used to know two months ago. Yes, he has been working out at the gym since October 13th only and  look at his body now!!!!!!

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