Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a break

Ellen Says:-----Do you need a break from work? Sometimes it can feel like your boss would just like you to keep working until you drop down but you are entitled to a certain amount of rest. Taking breaks actually increases your productivity so it helps your employer anyway. You are entitled to different things depending on your job and your age but it is important that you know what these are so that you can look after yourself and make sure your employer is abiding by regulations.

I salute to a good friend of mine that finally she realize the importance of having break from work so that she can enjoy some fruits of her labor.She book a vacation to Costa Rica wherein her parents now living with his eldest brother. Aside from her parent and bro, she is so excited to see the beautiful resort that her mom used to tell her.Costa Rica resort is one of the best according to her mom.

We should enjoy life while we're living it. What a waste of our short time on this earth to spend it all cooped up behind a desk or counter. Remember that we work to live -- not live to work.

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