Saturday, October 16, 2010

New chess set for Rallione

Ellen Says:--Countless researchers and studies have shown over the years that chess does indeed strengthen a child's mental clarity, fortitude, stability, and overall health. Parents are now finding chess as an inexpensive but essential way of helping kids grow mentally. In this technologically driven world, chess helps aid in the synthesis and growth of certain areas in the brain and mind where many children can benefit as they grow older from the game.

We believe that chess has social and emotional benefits as well to our children. Children who are involved in playing chess either at school or in some other group can build skills such as learning about how to be a good winner and loser. They learn about fairness and not cheating. They also learn confidence and self-esteem as they improve their skills. Communication is improved as the children communicate with other children and adults while they play the game and discuss strategies and moves.

So since Christmas is fast approaching we plan to give my little boy a new chess set.
Chess Set will surely make him happy. He always fond of playing chess with his two brothers. Owning a new chess set will give him more time to practice.

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