Friday, October 22, 2010

Lip Brush

Ellen Says:-----Turning 18 is a milestone that deserves to be commemorated with a special gift. The age 18 is the legal start of adulthood and can be a turning point in the lives of most young people. For my precious niece Den I wanted to give her a complete set of make up.

Denise who love applying make-up before leaving the house will be very excited to hear the news. According to the experts, make-up, and especially lipstick, not only makes a woman feel more beautiful and gives teeth an extra reason to sparkle, but it can actually improve her health as well. Having beautiful lips, whether they are bold and dramatic, or light and neutral, will immediately make her feel more beautiful. Feeling beautiful will give
her that confidence boost she needs to succeed throughout her day, and will help her stand out from the crowd.

We raised seeing our moms, sisters, aunts and grandmothers applying lipstick and lip glosses to their lips directly from the tube.However, Denise uses lip brush to apply her lipstick.According to her by brushing the lipstick or lip gloss onto lips, it is applied smoothly, evenly, and lightly without needing to slather on coat after coat of color. Lip Brush are also designed in such a way that you can precisely apply your lip color, meaning that your lip stick is less prone to smudging outside of your natural lip line.

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