Friday, October 29, 2010


Alberto says: No matter what part of the body is itching, one thing is for sure that it is uncomfortable and the person is left with no option but to scratch it frequently.

Scratching only provides temporary relief as the itching sensation returns back within a short time. It is observed that the hand and feet are the most common sites of itching.

Although experiencing itching hands and feet occasionally can be ignored, but when it occurs at regular intervals, it becomes a great source of distraction and is a cause for concern.

Detergents that are are used to clean utensils and clothes contain harsh chemicals. Contact with these detergent can immediately trigger itchy feeling and exposure on a daily basis, which is more common in women can not only cause itchiness but also damage the skin. The exposed area suffers from mild to moderate rash. Exposure to paints used at construction sites can also make the skin dry and itchy.

Itching hands and feet in the absence of skin rash are pointing towards allergic reaction to some sort of medicine or food. An allergy test can help to determine whether the substance under suspicion is tolerated by the body.

 Also, following a healthy, nutritious diet rich in vitamins and minerals may help to resolve the issues. On the other hand, skin problems may be treated with appropriate moisturizer and anti-itch creams to relieve the itchiness.

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