Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Ellen Says:--Although watching the television while driving a vehicle is dangerous and may be in fact considered illegal in some areas, there’s no problem with our passengers watching the car satellite TV.

Well, just imagine going on a long trip and children usually hate long trips. After a few hours , surely they will call your attention endlessly. All this can distract you from driving and can ultimately spoil your travel.

Thankfully hubby got winegard. With winegard installed in our vehicle, we always keep our kids behaved by letting them watch their favorite shows. This way, they are kept occupied and they become silent. This is also more enjoyable to them compared to just sitting around in our car, and you get the benefit of peace. Whether our kids want to watch cartoons, movies, kid’s shows, or whatever, they’re sure to find the perfect channel for them to watch.

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