Monday, October 25, 2010

Beta Glucan

Ellen Says:----I know for a fact that people whose siblings have a history of heart disease carry a much greater likelihood of developing heart disease themselves than if only their parents had the condition.Not to mention that the risk is greater to me since my mom began having heart problems at a younger age.

Even though I can't change my genetic makeup, though, I don't throw up my hands in despair. Yes, heart disease can be passed down the family tree, but I know can reduce my own personal risk with solid knowledge and a healthy lifestyle. I always take immune booster supplements for almost 2 years Beta Glucan lower my cholesterol levels and reduce my heart disease risk with powerful source of soluble fiber.

The immune system in our body is a wonderful thing, it protects us from bacteria and viruses that enter our bodies, it fights off infections and develops antibodies and remembers viruses that it fights so next time it is already prepared, it is like a highly effective army ready to fight off the 'bad guys' when they attack. But sometimes it needs a helping hand from immune system supplements when it does not get all the vitamin and minerals it needs in our every day diet.Start taking Beta Glucan to assure the good life ahead of you.

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