Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ellen Says:----It is hard to imagine that as young as my little boy Rallione he thought already of giving gift for his Lolo. He asked me to buy a backgammon set for his grandpa. He even gave me the exact site in the Internet wherein I can easily find one. That is how resourceful Rallione is. And if you ask him why he has the intention of giving gift even without occasion He will answer you this right away. "I don’t think there need to be any occasion to give a gift. It is just a way of showing my love for my Lolo."

Rallione have countless ways to show love to everyone of us.And I will always proud that I brought out the goodness in him. He knows the value of showing love to the one he care for. He knows that when we give gifts, it brings joy or pleasure to the receiver.

Giving gifts is something which usually makes us feels good. When shopping for gifts it does not matter whether the gift is small or cheap, the value in terms of love is beyond measure.

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