Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ellen Says:-A skin wart is a skin problem that many people have experienced during their lifetime. Although warts are bothersome in some ways, most are harmless. However, this does not mean that warts should simply be ignored. Most people do not want any complications developing and they do not want warts affecting the appearance of their skin.

Warts are often confused with other types of skin growths such as corns and calluses. Despite the similarity to these skin growths, warts are different. Basically, a skin wart is a benign tumor or growth of the skin that is caused by a wart virus. The wart virus accelerates the growth of keratin in the topmost skin layer leading to the growth of a rough and hard bump.

The specific virus responsible for warts is the Human Papiloma Virus of which there are several different strains. Different strains cause different types of warts and other strains of this virus can also cause other problems such as cervical cancer or skin cancer. Just because you have skin warts does not mean that you have or will have these other health conditions.

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