Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Ellen Says: My hubby and two teenage sons are now fanatics of skateboards. They used to bond using skateboards. Well, at first I am a little bit hesitant to allow them, however they promised to wear gear to protect them so there is no reason for me not to agree with the compromise.

They just start out slow on their new skateboard. Of course I cannot expect them to make it go very far or very fast. Their dad reminded then to pay attention to how it feels underneath their feet. That way they will be able to effectively shift their weight properly to stay balanced. "As you do this move forward slowly." hubby added. I am a lttle bit nervous upon seeing them but with their dad around, I knew that nothing bad will happen. Rinzo is a very supportive dad to all my sons. He is just like a bestfriend to my two teenage boy. That would probably the advantage of marrying at a young age. We can easily adapt to their cup of tea.

Skateboarding can be an excellent form of exercise. Not to mention that skateboarding is a fairly inexpensive sport. If your kids are showing interest in skateboarding, let them try it. You may be surprised just how beneficial it is for them. As with any sport, it is important that anyone is safe and responsible. See to it that they have the appropriate safety gear, pads and a helmet, and teach them where it is safe to skateboard.

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