Friday, September 24, 2010

Silent killer

Gbex says:Insomnia or commonly called sleeplessness is the inability to get a peaceful sleep at night and often waking up at regular intervals during night. This results in an upset morning with low concentration levels and less energy to carry on the daily responsibilities throughout the day.

This disease which seldom turns chronic may be caused due to many reasons like aging, alcoholism, depression, intense medications or too much worrying. Other factors that may cause sleeping problems are: too much sleeping during day, uncomfortable bedroom environment, working in shifts, jet lag and overactive thyroid glands.

Normally Insomnia is curable but sometimes it grows beyond our control. There are two approaches to tackle Insomnia. First one is to employ non-pharmacological technique and the second one is to use hypnotic methods. Generally first method is preferred as the body gets used to the hypnotic drugs after a period of time rendering the method useless and also withdrawal symptoms may occur if the drugs are discontinued.

Non-pharmacological treatment provides long lasting relief and it involves undergoing relaxation therapy, sleep restriction therapy, stimulus control therapy and cognitive behavior therapy. Studies all across the globe have shown that with the right kind of treatment Insomnia can be controlled, if not cured completely.

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