Monday, September 13, 2010

save the trees, use hand dryers

Gbex says: It is a fact that hand dryers are the most convenient ways to wipe off wet hands after hand washing as compared to towel papers and toilet papers.

Environmentally speaking, the world is running out of trees so much so that using papers for drying hands may not be the best and the most advantageous way when we think of saving our world in the near future. We know so well that tress are the main source of all kinds of paper manufacturing including these toilet papers, paper towels and tissue papers.

The loss of tress will mean a destruction to our environment and the extinction of life in the long run. I personally prefer the use of hand dryers more specifically automatic hand dryers for that matter in lieu and instead of these paper towels that are used in public rest rooms in malls, hotels, restaurants and whatnot.

Giving the world a chance to survive life is our utmost concern now and should be the utmost concern of everybody if we want to save our planet and survive life on it. So, I urge you my friends, get rid of paper towels and tissue papers for drying hands and start using automatic hand dryers as they are an important contribution to saving our planet from life extinction!

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