Monday, September 27, 2010

healthy environment

Ellen Says:----Designing a new nursery room for a new nephew is not an easy task. But I cannot resist the charm of a new angel in our family. Nursery room is not quite different from other home decorating projects only that it is something extra special and gives me a lot of fun-filled experiences along the way.

However, along with the basic concepts and ideas on nursery room designs and decorations, I also made sure other necessary item such as installing air cleaner to assure healthy environment for our new angel's room. HEPA air cleaners are part of every room in our house. We always believe that having air purifier around is worthwhile investment.

Having a healthy room temperature for sleeping may play a role in sleep quality. There is a lot of info regarding diet, caffeinated drinks, exercise, etc. as it relates to sleep quality, but not so much on room conditions. However, this may affect us more than we realize. We are all suffer from breathing problems like asthma and allergies that is why we truly appreciate the importance of indoor air quality.

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