Friday, August 20, 2010

Restless night, wanderer

Lawrence says:---Are you among one of those people who suffer from restless nights? Are you among those who spend countless nights just staring at your alarm clock or go for a night walk alone just because you have a hard time sleeping?

My present  work as receptionist at an assisted living facility requires me to assist these elders who are wandering around the corridors and hallways on their rooms and make sure that they find their way back to their respective rooms. I  have become accustomed to letting this sweet old lady who wanders  around and would end up to the reception desk for assistance where to go next. Such an endearing act for someone like me whose own mother is herself a wanderer at nights.

Always remember that there's a limit for everything. No matter how much work you have or how busy you are, never take your office work to your bed. At the same time, limit TV at your living room. When you have problem sleeping, you need to associate your bed with sleeping and the feeling of drowsiness. If you bring your work on the bed you would make the mind a lot more alert and you're suggesting to it to be more active at the time when you are about to sleep. Remember your minds is just a loyal servant. So be a good boss and let it rest when it's supposed to.

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