Saturday, August 7, 2010

plastic surgery obsession

Lawrence says: With increased media attention on beauty and perfection, celebrities and those alike are turning to plastic surgery more and more. For those who are not living on the salary of a celebrity, they are taking out loans to achieve their plastic perfection summing up to approximately $83,000 for 14 surgeries.

Though media and advertising do play a large role in influencing many people's lives, researchers believe that plastic surgery obsession is linked to psychological disorders.

Body dysmorphic disorder is seen as playing a large role in the lives of those who are obsessed with going under the knife in order to achieve physical perfection. People with this disorder are so preoccupied with their looks that it takes over their lives.

For those whose doctors refuse to perform any further surgeries, they are turning to "do it yourself" plastic surgery, injecting themselves in their home, running extreme safety risks.

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