Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oil benefits

Lawrence says:------Whether it is fish oil or cooking oils, oils are essential for your body. They keep your body from premature aging and they keep the skin looking and feeling great. Oils believe it or not can prevent against heart disease and other heart conditions. They can also lower cholesterol and control diabetes better. The omega-6 acids are contained in things like vegetable oil, corn oil and soy oil. These contain what is called linloeic acid; you can find these in flax seed oil, walnut oils and certain fish oils.

Try to incorporate some type of oils into your diet, you will feel better without a doubt, don't expect to see results right away because it doesn't work like that, it takes time to absorb into your body and work it's magic. You can find these oils in liquid or in herbal supplement form in health food places. ---

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