Friday, August 20, 2010

Little things produce upset stomach

Ellen Says: From too many spices, to too many rich foods, to stress, all are capable of bringing on an upset stomach.

While it is important to generally stay away from foods that aggravate your stomach, here is a good home remedy for upset stomach - when you need it.

A general rule about an upset stomach is that if it comes when you have not eaten anything for a couple of hours, then it is not food related. It is probably an excess of stomach acid. The best thing you can do, in that case, is to eat some food, but stay away from soda drinks as they most likely will only aggravate the situation.

When you are sure that it is probably related to something you ate, try this home remedy for upset stomach. A number of different teas can be made - each of them can be very effective, depending on what you have in your kitchen cabinet. You could make a cup of ginger, mint, cinnamon, or chamomile tea, and add a little sugar, or honey. Each of these tea types has been taken for centuries in order to calm the stomach, and they work very well as a home remedy for upset stomach.

One other thing is to mix some medicinal charcoal in one cup of hot water. While not tasting very good, it is very quick acting. Many prefer this simple home remedy for upset stomach for this reason.

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