Friday, August 20, 2010


Lawrence says:-----No one likes to admit they have this problem. It’s personal, disconcerting and it is an insidious drain for millions of people. Bad diet is one of the main reasons of the problem but stress and the wrong way of eating could also be the likely causes.

Drink enough liquid could be a possible remedy for this just what i usually did. Liquid, means water, not coffee. Coffee acts as a diuretic, which means it will take fluid out of our body instead of retaining it. As you know 8 glasses is the normally recommended number, but it is suggested that instead of taking water, it’s better to take fresh fruit juices.

Juices will be better than water but taking fruits in its original form will give us body fiber. For example a glass of juice will give 0.1 gram of fiber but eating one will give 2.9 grams. Instead of highly processed cereal, take the whole grain cereal. In other word, better try to eat more less- refined foods instead of the refined foods if possible. Fiber will add mass to the stool and stimulates colon to push things along.
Pears, oranges, prunes, corn, peas, carrot and broccoli are good rich fiber vegetables.

Another cause of constipation is ignoring the call of nature more often. Some people have hectic schedule and for these people, the call of nature may be habitually ignored or postponed. Some just hate to use the public toilet. Because of this, the body habitually discontinue sending this message to the brain because it has always been ignored. This is a major cause of constipation. So, please heed the call when you feel it.

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