Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fresh Parsley

Lawrence says:-When we think of Parsley, we think of the piece of green leaf like roughages that is more of a garnish than anything else.

But parsley is so much more than a nice looking piece of greenery. What people don't know is that parsley is a herb. In ancient times, healers used it to treat the sick. The Ancient Romans actually believed that if you eat a piece of parsley it would allow them to have the capacity to drink more wine and never become drunk.

It has been found not to be true but there are many health benefits that come with parsley. It has been proven that by eating raw parsley has many health benefits. Raw parsley cleanses the blood, keeping it clean .It can lessen the deposits left on the veins Parsley allows the elasticity of the blood vessels to stay the way they are. Parsley is said to treat temporary deafness and ear infections. Chewing parsley can cure bad breath.

So the next time you go to the supermarket pick up some fresh parsley sprigs and try eating a piece and see if you feel better. Eat a piece everyday and slowly you will notice an improvement in your overall day-to-day health.

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