Friday, August 13, 2010

Salt benefits

Ellen Says: You may not think that table salt has any health benefits but salt is actually a great preservative which when eaten preserves the blood cells and blood vessels.

Salt can even work in preserving food. For example, salt melts ice so in the winter you can melt the ice form the sidewalk when it snows. Salt is also great for when you have a toothache, out some salt in a glass with warm water and then gargle, it can help keep a tooth decay clean until you can get to a dentist.

Salt in general has been said if used often enough that it can contribute to hypertension. So if you use it in moderation then you won't have to worry about high blood pressure. Salt in some foods act as preservative, that is why frozen foods have a high amount of sodium in them to preserve the food, as it stays frozen.

Salt does not have many health benefits but as far as food goes, it has many. Salt will take moisture out potatoes and if you put salt in spaghetti water or in water for hard-boiled eggs it makes them easier to peel and the spaghetti won't stick together.

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