Monday, August 2, 2010

easy-to-manage self-storage

Lawrence says: My new-found friend and frat brother named Alex just moved in with me in a new place called the haven's place in the outskirts of the metropolis where comrades and other countrymen of the same origin live and that makes our moving out a wise decision. But with Alex' stay for a long time in his previous apartment, he has collected a huge amount and number of personal belongings like coats and jackets for the winter colds, T shirt and dress shirts for the summer solstice, and lots and lots of electronic gadgets and devices not to mention his TV set, stereo set, and other electronic toys. In short, our space was completely filled by these gigantic belongings and stuffs that we needed to look for an appropriate storage for such stuffs.

Thanks God, we were able to find one and this made everything in our moving out and transfer a smooth and unproblematic as the space we got did not have much room for all of those belongings. Alex was relieved after all his other belongings that needed extra storage room were all safely stored and kept in such spacious personal storage.

I was also thankful that Alex subscribed and availed of such online site that offers spacious self-storage for his extra baggage and personal belongings because I was also exasperated from sch huge and mountain-like piles of clothing, furniture, and electronic gadgets that he possessed which he did not actually need for the time being and in his present condition. To tell you the truth, Alex was kinda evicted from his previous place where he lived for like fifteen years now. My heart went with him when he asked me to help him move out and assist store his extra belongings in self-storage place nearby the house where he moved in.

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