Thursday, July 15, 2010

fitness that fits to a T

Gbex says: My younger brother came from his physical workout when he proudly showed me his contour abs and I was so jealous of his physique because I knew for a fact that I have been trying to squeeze my time and effort to get such well defined body like my brother Kelly.

Kelly knows so well that physical fitness comprises two related concepts: general fitness as a state of health and well-being and a specific fitness as a task-oriented definition based on the ability to perform specific aspects of sports or occupations. Kelly applies both in two different frames and angles.

Kelly's ways to achieve such physical fitness has been generally achieved through his regular and steadfast exercise, his correct nutrition and enough rest that he applies to his daily routines. Kelly tells me that it is an important part of life to be aware of a fitness regimen which makes a person's daily activities become part of his system.

Kelly has given me so much motivation,that is, by his regular and religious attainment of his time and effort for his exercise.

Indeed, physical fitness is the capacity to carry out one's activities for the day without undue fatigue. Just like my younger brother Kelly, anybody can apply such.

However, these days, physical fitness is considered a measure of the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to resist from diseases, and to meet emergency situations. So there you go my friends, physical fitness is such a significant part of our life that no one must deny and neglect it.

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